Galganov's Recipe for Finger Sandwiches - a Party Food!

To make this finger sandwich recipe you will need:
  • a cutting board
  • a bread knife (if you're using home baked/unsliced bread), and a chef's knife
  • any utensil you lie to use to spread your filling on the bread (knife, spactula or fork, etc.
  The required ingredients for this finger sandwich recipe are:
  • store bought or White Bread and, optionally, whole wheat bread
  • your choice of any or all of the following: Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, Salmon Salad and/or Tuna Fish Salad


  1. Skip if using sliced bread. Slice bread into even slices - discarding the heels (ends) or the bottom and top if slicing the length of the bread instead of conventional slices.
  2. Make your sandwiches and remove the crust AFTER closing the sandwich.
  3. Slice the sandwiches into crustless strips of about 3/4" (2 cm) by 1.5" (4 cm)

finger sandwich materialsparty finger sandwiches


The Party Finger Sandwich Maker's Tip:

Keep it interesting - switch up your breads and layers. Do some with white only, do some with whole wheat only and do some with mixed bread. Do some double decker ... they're nice too! You can layer them - one white slice, one wheat and another white or wheat - white and wheat or any variation you like. On double deckers, make the fills different, ie, one layer egg and the other chicken, or egg and salmon. Variety contributes to the fun factor.

The Background Story
Party Finger Sandwiches

Finger Sandwiches, also known as Tea Sandwiches are so named because they are so easy to eat with your fingers. These were standard party fare during the 1950's through to the early 80's. Today they are still an economical, easy to prepare and eat, fun party food.

These sandwiches are, traditionally, filled with a smooth, almost nuetral filling - not over-salted or flavoured ... just a smooth fill of chicken salad, salmon salad or egg salad or, occasionally, tuna salad. We still like to put a little bit of sweet peppers or less traditional celery (for a nice, refreshing crunch) into some of our salad fillings.

This recipe uses our Basic White Bread. It is also made with a mix of whole wheat bread and white. Naturally, these sandwiches can be made with a store bought bread - all the slicing is done for you - nice and consistent. Breads from bread machine are also excellent for this recipe since most bread makers make loaves which are well shaped to reduce waste. We, of course, use our own breads. Crusts are cut and set aside for bread crumbs.

We choose not to butter the bread as we do not feel these sandwiches need the extra fat. Nor do we add mayonnaise since there is sufficient mayonnaise in the salads already.