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Food (fõõd) n Something eaten or meant to be eaten [from the Proto-Germanic Foda];
A comestible - a solid commestible as opposed to a consumable liquid (potable)
Synonyms (not a complete list): aliment, bread, chow, cuisine, eats, edibles, sustenance, victuals, vittles

Cult (khÅ­lt] n Pursuit of or devotion to something (often obsessive). [from Latin Cultus]

Galganov (Not exclusively but in this case) Canadian offspring of Unkrainian immigrants ... and many of the significant others who join them in life's journey.

The Explanation:

The Personality Cult: There have always been, in societies, personality cults. These have, more often than not, been considered negative ... an exceptional charismatic whom others would follow blindly but it hasn't always been negative. There have been great charismatic leaders. Those, we often refer to as having "almost achieved 'cult' status." The "Cult of personality" has not been limited to one. Many have lead with their cultish, charismatic personalities.

The Fitness Cult: Physical fitness has achieved cult status around the world. It's been written about by English and Indian press (where it is credited with Reebok's sustained growth in the Indian marketplace since 2002) and by the American Government on website such as (the US National Library of Medicine).

The Religious Cult: There's nothing new in religious cults - virtually always seen as negative ... and so many of them!

The Food Cult: The Cult of Food is about an obsessive passion for food. It may be great food - it may be lousy. It may be high-brow or down-to-earth, good "eats" ... but it is about food!

Galganov's Food Cult: is about our own passion for food. It's not snooty, high-brow cuisine - it's just food ... fun, every-day foods that taste great, that satisfy ... a culture of food! It is based on Galganov's recipes, recipes in constant use. Some may be older family recipes while others have been learnt, modified and developed into interesting and/or easy to use recipes that we enjoy on a regular basis. Still others may be new. Most are ordinary, everyday foods while others may be a little more interesting - foods suitable for entertaining. What ever you will find here, the important thing is that food really matters!

So what's the point?

The Cult has no owner - it has no rules except, "There are no rules." Doubtlessly, you will find other food cults around the web. You will find some older and some newer and in this cult-mad society new ones will invariably crop up. This website, "" is about Galganov's Food Cult. We hope you will enjoy it, learn from it and come back to find more food knowledge!

Paul Lynde, famed American comedian and actor of the latter half of the 20th century said, "I can't stand those food cult people who bring their own food into the house. All those little thermoses and paper bags-it makes the other guests uncomfortable."

More recently, Mark Bittman, food columnist for the NY Times, said, on the Cult of Foodies: "The thing that makes me most upset about this big fad is that more people are not cooking. I think it's fine to watch other people cook, but then people say, 'Well I'm too busy to cook,' and they're too busy to cook because they're watching people cook on television? That doesn't track for me."

Thanks, Mr. Bittman.  We agree.  C'mon world - get cooking.  Eat healthy!

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