Galganov's Recipe for Instant (Pre-cooked) Medium Couscous

To make this (instant/pre-cooked) Medium Couscous recipe you will need:
  • a pot or kettle to boil water
  • a pot with a lid
  • a fork
  • a spoon to mix the raw ingredients
  • a knife and cutting board (depending upon what you choose to add)
The required ingredients for (Instant/Pre-cooked) Medium Couscous are:
  • 1 C medium couscous
  • 1 C boiled water
  • optional herbs and/or spices
  • optional vegetables
  • a pinch of salt

This recipe is for medium couscous only - of the pre-cooked/instant kind - ready in 5 minutes.


  • Cut any vegetables you would like to include.
    Carrots, diced to the size of small peas will remain quite firm if not pre-cooked.
  • Frozen vegetables (eg, peas, corn, diced carrot, etc) will cook to firm.
  • For softer results from frozen vegetables, defrost them first.
  • If using raw vegetables these should be precooked to soften sufficiently prior to adding. (Certain vegetables must be pre-cooked)
    Save water from precooked vegetables to use in place of fresh water.
  1. Put 1 cup couscous into a pot with herbs and vegetables (do not add salt at this stage). Stir well.
  2. Bring water or saved water from pre-cooking vegetables to a boil in a separate pot or kettle.
  3. Add 1 cup boiling water to the pot of couscous.
  4. Add (optional) salt immediately after the water is added and stir briefly (Do not add salt if using water from boiled vegetables) .
  5. Cover and let it stand for at least 5 minutes.
  6. After couscous has absorbed the water (after 5 miinutes) stir the couscous in the pot - gently lifting it from the bottom with a fork to separate the grains.
    (It is not critical that this step be done immediatly after 5 minutes.)
  7. Let the couscous stand in the pot for an additional 2 to 5 minutes, with the lid ajar.



  • Diced onion and/or mushroom will impart nice, gentle flavours to your couscous. (Don't forget to add it before adding boiling liquid.)
  • We almost always add some dried parsely to our couscous ... stir it in before the water is added.
  • When adding flavours and seasonings (including salt) do so in very modest amounts as couscous will readily take on other flavours.
  • Need more salt? Add it at the table rather than to the pot.

The Background Story
Medium Couscous

Couscous is pasta - a pasta made of (durum wheat) semolina. Traditionally, it was hand rolled.  What we buy, in North American supermarkets, is usually medium (pre-cooked) instant couscous.

There are so many ways to make any single dish. This is just one general way of many and is for medium (instant) couscous only.

Couscous can be used for a cold salad, as a side dish or as an element within a main dish.

Most common is as a side dish. This is how we tend to use this product although it does, sometimes, become a quick and delicious snack.

Use our recipe flavouring ideas as a guideline for your own. Of course, you are quite welcome to replicate what we do but don't limit yourself. Have fun. Try out your own ideas too!


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