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We like to mix up a big batch of crepe batter and make our crepes in advance - filling a few at a time as our tastes dictate. In some cases such as making cheese blintzes or Polish croquettes we'll make up a big batch of crepes and roll up lots at a time freezing the finished blintzes or croquettes for later use. Occasionally, we will roll up a big batch of crepes with an "in-season" filling (such as apple or blueberry) and freeze those for easy, later use.

While blintzes (or "belinis" as some would know them) and Polish croquettes generally use a milkier crepe (you may find this milkier crepe recipe with the cheese blintze recipe) the crepe recipe on this site will also work marvelously well!

Crepes and Pancakes - More Than Just Breakfast!

Crepes or crépes, as they are known in French, are, simply French pancakes. The wonderful thing about the crépe is that it can be used in so many wonderful ways. You can wrap any number of things in it from blueberries to asparagus spears. (It's true - you can sweeten asparagus by wrapping it in a delicious crepe!)

Crepes, like conventional pancakes (also known as griddle cakes or flapjacks) can be a full breakfast or even part of a wonderful, celebratory brunch ... and just like that conventional pancake, the crepe can be a perfect midnight snack.

The most famous crepe is, of course, the Crépe Suzette.

The beautiful thing about crepes is their versatility. They can be used for more than a simple crepe. The limit to stuffing your crepe - is your imagination!